It's Just For The Girls!...a few days of pampering!

Monday, October 25th, The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn is opening it's doors to "girls only!"  It's the 2nd annual Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild "lady innkeeper's getaway!" 

Last year, Mary at the Old Parkdale Inn planned a few days of fun, relaxation, hiking, delicious dining and a much needed rest.  So, we decided that this should be an annual event and we hope you can join us!

I once had a guest that asked me if inn keeping was as romantic as it looked.  The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn had only been open about six weeks and I was a bit frazzled, really pooped and overwhelmed with the quick success of our business.  When I looked at her, I just wanted to say, "no way!"  But, I thought for a moment and from her standpoint, it must have looked romantic.  Sleeping in every day till dawn, fetching eggs from beneath resting hens each morning, clipping fresh basil and plump ripe sweet tomatoes from the garden as I prepared our no...I must have been dreaming and quickly informed our darling guest that it was not as romantic as it looked but it was just as fulfilling as it seems.  And that was the truth!  However, as fulfilled as it may be, we need to getaway sometimes too! 

So, we hope you "lady innkeepers" can join us on Monday, Oct. 25th and Tuesday, Oct. 26th for our version of a "getaway!"  What's on the agenda???  Well, it's not set in stone and we can change it up however we wish.

Our plan for now:  A mini "Albany Nosh Tour", a hike at Mary's Peak or Peavy Arboretum, sleeping in...just a bit, a private tour through the Albany Carousel and Museum and a few surprises too!

Please call or email The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn with your reservation and join us in Albany as we tour, hike, eat and play our way around town!

See you soon!

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