Jacksonville Inn Bistro and The TouVelle House...the perfect combination!

Heading south toward California this week, our plans were to stay our first night on the road in Jacksonville, OR.  We had the pleasure of driving through and around Jacksonville a few years ago but never got out of the car.  Ogling from the drivers seat and smiling as we toured the area, I knew that someday very soon I wanted to see more of this perfect little town.TouVelle House in Jacksonville, OR

Planted firmly in the Rogue Valley and set sweetly in history, Jacksonville is by some called, "Oregon's Gem!"  I believe that is probably the perfect name for it!

I knew our first day should be a short drive from Albany and then I saw the TouVelle House on the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild website.  I love Craftsman style homes and as far as I'm concerned, the bigger the better when it comes to old houses.  I booked our room at the inn, checked out our guests at our inn and prepared to head south.

I cannot even put into words what I was thinking when we pulled into Jacksonville and then saw The TouVelle House.  The inn is set stunningly on a small hill surrounded by beautiful gardens.  A fountain, a pond, inviting chairs all in a row waiting for rest and and relaxation and then the deer.  Oh my gosh...the deer!  She was just standing there staring at me and finally went on her way to nibble things she probably shouldn't be nibbling.  But nature in this not so private setting was pretty amazing.

TouVelle House GardenDid I mention that I love Craftsman style homes?  Well, I am telling you again and I'm telling you that you must see this inn!  Every single detail is seen to.  Every single piece of decor has been so very carefully chosen to fill every space that you have to know that the innkeeper must have been born with an inate talent unteachable and unreachable to just anyone.  And yes...the innkeepers and owners of the inn are their own decorators, garden tenders, chefs and probably two of the most talented people I have ever met.  And you know what else?...when an innkeeper uses his talents and skills and their inn looks like this, you know that they must really love innkeeping!

If you are in the look for Crater Lake Lodging, touring the Oregon Caves, playing a few games of golf, going white water river rafting, fishing or even sipping champagne and eating chocolates on the first day of the Britt Festival, you must stay at the TouVelle House. Just blocks away from the Britt Festival grounds, two hours from most Southern Oregon outdoor activities, Jacksonville is so worth the trip and in the best location for that perfect Oregon vacation!

I have to mention the Jacksonville Inn Bistro too!  Maple Butternut Squash soup with a drizzle of Pumpkin Pie Spiced Creme Fraiche...oh man I think I'd died and gone to heaven.  Other bistro guests were eying my choice and of course I had to tell them that it was delicious and "so sorry, I've only one spoon!"

Don't know if was the town of Jacksonville, the awe inspiring TouVelle House, the wonderfully short drive from Albany to Jacksonville, the soup or just being with my honey on our anniversaryry, but I am thinking it was probably the most perfect day! 



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