Like A Guest In My Own Inn!

Innkeepers can be very sneaky you know.  Especially when they have a secret or two to hide.  We all have "guilty pleasures" and some of us know how to enjoy them without feeling too guilty. Most of the time!Mt. Bachelor Guest Room Bath, The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn

We have stayed at many Oregon bed and breakfasts even before we opened The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn.  I remember the inns not only by what they cooked us for breakfast, but how good it felt to take advantage of the wonderful pleasure of soaking in a big tub at the end of busy day of sightseeing or hiking or whatever we did that day.  Because at the end of that day, all that mattered was that we totally enjoyed relaxing in our guest room, having a glass or two of wine and soaking in a big tub filled with bubbles or salts and totally relishing every moment.  Well, my secret and I do suggest this to every Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild innkeeper, that for one night, be your own guest!  I tried it and oh my gosh, I loved it. Some of you are probably thinking, well, been there, done that!  Good for you I say. And because I did enjoy it so much, I may even do it again.  Just don't tell anyone. 

Oregon Bed and Breakfast, The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn's front porch.Because I am huge tattle tale too, I can tell you that my husband is also guilty of enjoying life to the extreme.  If you can call a good cigar and a little sip of something you can only get at a distillery extreme.  Yes, he gets his excitement every afternoon sitting on our front porch enjoying what I call his "guilty pleasures."  He says he doesn't feel guilty he just feels lucky!  That's sweet isn't it?

Ray loves company on his porch too. So, if you are ever in Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild Inn, Albany, Oregon, One Room in the Mt. Hood Guest SuiteAlbany, Oregon, want to stay at a lovely inn, have a glass of our favorite Oregon wine and of course spectacular conversation, check us out.  We are located within a block or two of downtown where you can easily walk to several restaurants, the Pix Theater, see a play, shop at antique stores, boutiques, etc.  And, we promise you will want to come back for more.

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