Lonesome Duck Ranch and Resort...an anglers dream!

Lonesome Duck Ranch and ResortIn preparing to write this blog, I had to look up what the word "angler" meant.  According to wikipedia, it means someone who fishes with a rod and line.  I'm not a fisherman or fisher "woman" for that matter but when I had the opportunity to check out Lonesome Duck Ranch and Resort, I was pretty excited.  I love anything that says "ranch!"  I love what that word means.  I love that there are usually animals on a ranch, sometimes a dog, almost always a horse to two and that laid back kind of country atmosphere that can bring out the cowboy or cowgirl in anyone.

Banked on the Williamson River in Southern Oregon where some of the largest wild trout in the country are found, the newest addition to the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild is located off hwy 97 in Chiloquin, OR.  An "angler" at heart and two very gracious hosts, Steve and Debbie Hilbert made it really hard to leave their beautiful inn.  Both with a past in home interior and design, as you can see by this picture, Steve and Debbie have captured the ranch feel.  By offering all the comforts of using natural organic materials with modern amenities, they have provided the best of both worlds.  Two guest rooms, common areas for reading, relaxing, sipping wine or gazing at the river just outside the back door, no matter where you relax, this inn is "stunning!"

Love fly fishing, bird watching our just love really good blueberry pancakes and bar b qued breakfast sausages? You can still choose to stake your claim to one of the sweet fishing cottages but if you want that "inn" get a way, check in to the Lonesome Duck Ranch and Resort and prepared to be pampered!

And, if you are wondering...there is a dog at this ranch!  A black lab and she is very well behaved I might add.  Yes...there are horses too and a few llamas and each of them are quite excited about being photographed!

So let the naturalist in you come out!  Bring out the boots, the outdoor enthusiast, the cowboy, the cowgirl or the angler and mosey on over to the "ranch!"  Two lovely guest rooms, two very lovely hosts and a lovely overnight stay at Lonesome Duck Ranch in Chiloquin!  Another very good reason to visit Southern Oregon!

Welcome Steve and Debbie and we are looking forward to our next visit!


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