Not your momma's inn...An Oregon Culinary Vacation!

The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn, Albany, OregonOver twenty years ago, I had my first experiece staying at an inn.  The Bath Street Inn in Santa Barbara was lovely.  Flowers, cakes, cookies, wine and yeah...the fact that it was set in Santa Barbara didn't hurt anything either. Well...that was a while ago and a few years back my dream of being an innkeeper came true.  It will be two years on May 1st since we opened our inn and began our new lives as innkeepers.  Wow...what a change from being the guest to being the innkeeper!'s romantic,'s even a bit like living in a fantasy world and oh's a heck of a lot of work but you know what...we wouldn't have it any other way!

Seeing the changes over the years take place in the B & B industry has been eye opening as well.  And...seeing the changes in how our guests travel, what they want to do here when they get here and seeing how some guests are choosing their vacations based purly on what kind of Oregon Culinary experience they are going to get has changed a lot just in the past two years.  Economy, family time and making the most out of a long planned trip has formed the ideas in our heads that we wanna get the most for our money.  Well...I'm here to tell have clicked on the right link!  Innkeepers in Oregon and especially our Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild innkeepers are pretty awesome!  We love to cook, we love using our local products and most of all, we love to brag about how we are able to use what grows here in our regions to prepare the best food.  That's probably why our guests keep coming back!

In Southern Oregon near Ashland, Jacksonville, and Cottage Grove, our innkeepers are so lucky to have so many choices when it comes to "good food!"  The Rogue Creamery, several wineries, and great restaurants that use local food when preparing their recipes top the list in Southern Oregon. The Willamette Valley is also known for their local booty as well.  Where else can you go to harvest hazelnuts, pick wine grapes, grab a box of organic veggies and go back to your inn and prepare a feast?  Well...we know it's here!  Then there's the HoodBrightwood Guest House B & B, Oregon River Valley...what can we say about that region?  Yummmmm!  Orchards full of things like pears, organic cherries and apples!

Come check in to one of our inns!  We'll show you a culinary adventure, a little local taste and a Northwest Culinary Vacation you will wanna come back for! Oh yeah...bring mom along too! 

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