Oh Oregon...I Could Just Eat You Up!!!

A simple autumn day in Oregon!Ok...so I know what you are thinking...what the heck does this gorgeous fall picture have to do with the title of this blog?  Well...nothing really!  I just thought it was a simply gorgeous fall picture and wanted to share it.

I can't seem to get enough of Autumn in Oregon and so I walk, I ride and I gaze to try and soak it all in before it's gone!  Our second fall season as innkeepers in Oregon and I don't think I will ever take this place for granted.  All the gazing I did over this last weekend made me really hungry so as usual, I had to find a new place to try for lunch. 

Yes...for me it's always about the food.  Plan a shopping trip?...where are we having lunch?  Hiking today?...what kind of local snacks can we bring to eat!...Oh it's a beautiful fall day in Oregon...wasn't there a bistro I have never heard of on the Travel Oregon website in Salem somewhere???  Why, yes there was!  Word of Mouth Bistro is located in Salem, Oregon.  I saw the name of this restaurant on the website and thought it might be an interesting place to have lunch Saturday while I was doing a little shopping in Salem.  My husband was enjoying the Distillers Conference in Portland over the weekend so I wanted to do a little enjoying myself!

Located in a historic home near a residential area of Salem, Word of Mouth Bistro was probably one of the most unique places I have dined lately.  With menu items such as Toasted Burritos, A Caprese Omelet or The Accidental Omelet they say was discovered during a Thanksgiving stuffing experiment, the menu is not boring!  Soups, salads and Blue New York made with blue cheese and peppercorns all sound delish but I had the handmade veggie burger and enjoyed every bite!  The atmosphere, good food and the fact that the place was packed on a Saturday at 2pm was evidence that someone is doing something very yummy here!

I swear I could eat myself through Oregon!  We have been to Portland enjoying the Northeast District while dining at La Buca, to Southern Oregon in Jacksonville absolutely loving the food at The Jacksonville Inn Bistro, in Hood River at a sweet basement Italian restaurant enjoying the best spaghetti we have ever tasted in our lives and of course right here locally as in every city, town or village in Oregon, finding the best food is not hard.  

Coming to Oregon in the fall, tasting our Oregon Bounty, sampling our finest restaurants, sipping our world class wines and just gazing while experiencing fall happening in front of you makes for the perfect experience!  Hope to see you soon and join me for lunch at my next new favorite place to dine! 

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