Oregon Coast Lodging, Dining and Exploring!

Astoria ColumnLast week, we decided to take a quick overnight trip to the Oregon Coast.  We headed to Astoria and checked out an Astoria Bed and Breakfast called Clementines.  After a beautiful and little snowy drive and a yummy dinner at the Fort George Brewery downtown, we headed up to the Astoria Column.  My friend Patty said that if you ever go to Astoria, you need to go to the column.  So, see the column we did.  At night even.  We were in awe of it.  The architecture, the height, the view, but mostly the swirling snow against the spot lights illuminating the structure.  It was one of those moments that you find hard to put in to words.

We knew that first thing after breakfast the next morning, we would need to go back to the column to check it out in the day light.  Judith at Clementines made us dutch babies for breakfast as we chatted in her cozy dining room and learned more about the area before heading out.   

Back to the column, then to the Maritime Museum, picture taking and having a latte atShips resting safely in the Columbia River. the Astoria Coffee House of course before heading south.  One of the most interesting things I learned while we were in Astoria, is that the Columbia River is the second largest river, by volume in the U.S.  It is also said to be one of the most dangerous river bars in the world.  Where the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean come together, waves can reach up to 30'.  So, we learned that there are about 20 Columbia River Bar Pilots based in Astoria that work day and night to assist ships cross the bar safely. These pilots have to actually memorize this whole area as to safely pilot large ships up to 1000' and even nuclear submarines in and out of the bar area. An important and dangerous job these pilots have.

Our adventure along the Oregon coast took us down hwy 101 and we took everything in as we drove through quaint seaside towns, dense coastal forests and cliffs where the ocean in all it's fury danced along the shores as we watched. Then we came across the sweet seaside town of Cannon Beach.  Being innkeepers and belonging to the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild, we take advantage of our flexible schedule to check out as much of Oregon as possible and that includes checking out any town that contains a guild member inn.  We have already planned our next Oregon coast lodging get-a-way and it will be at the historic Cannon Beach Hotel. Not only is this hotel an Oregon Bed andOregon Coast Lodging, Cannon Beach Hotel, Breakfast Guild member inn, it is one of the oldest lodgings on the coast.  This New England style hotel and B & B has been operating since 1914.  After one of their light breakfasts,  take a walk and enjoy downtown Cannon Beach.  This seaside town has been ranked one of the most beautiful spots on earth, is surrounded by miles of sandy beaches and has lots of hiking trails, art galleries, shops and unique restaurants.  Being that it is only about an hour and a half from Portland, we plan to visit a Portland, Oregon lodging facility then hitting the coast again soon.  We didn't seem to get enough from our over night trip.  I think a week would do.

Needless to say, we did enjoy the rest of our long day back to Albany stopping every now and then to gaze.  Already looking forward to another day or week at the beach!

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