Oregon Farmer's Market...a lesson in culinary tourism!

Can you say sustainable travel?...can you utter culinary tourism?...or can you blurt..."wow...I've never seen veggies this green before!"

Well...it began on March 20th in Portland!  It's Spring here and it's time for our Oregon Farmers Markets to sprout up all over the state and share their stuff!  Flowers, veggies, art...you name it and you can find it.  From now till deep in to autumn, you can drive in to just about any Oregon town, city or region and find a farmers market! 

Throughout this season, you can enhance your Oregon culinary experience by tasting the fresh faire and enjoying our local goods as they are paired with wines and cheese's and yes...we grow them too!  And we do a mighty fine job of it!  The Willamette Valley as well as Southern Oregon grow the best grapes for the best wine in the entire state!  The cheese's here in Oregon...wow, what can I say?...they are delightful and can also be seen at almost every farmers market in the state!

In the city of Albany, you not only find our lovely home and garden grown goods, you will find local honey, flowers, crepes and even local music to be had as well.  It's all about what is here, what we can see, taste and touch and then take home. 

If it's made here, grown here or even played here, you can experience it here!  We hope when you are planning your Oregon Culinary Vacation this season, you plan on checking out our Oregon Farmers Markets!  See you in the crepe line!

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