Our Farm Tour and Lion and The Rose Victorian B & B Inn

Last Saturday, we went on our first "farm tour."  Held in the Willamette Valley in the absolutely gorgeous farming communities of Wilsonville and Sherwood, the sunny warm Oregon day was the perfect backdrop for the huge red barns that graced the valley floor.  Of course it helped that across that valley, Mt. Hood in all it's snowy glory stood showing off it's new "blankets" of snow.  For you skiers, don't put your ski's away any time soon.  But for you farm goers, get your boots let's go on a farm tour. 

There is just something about a big old red barn set on a green hilly stage that takes my breath away.  Maybe I'm a farm girl at heart or just a romantic, but whatever I am, I know I am a barn lover.  There is just something about red barns and there always has been that brings a sense of nature and shelter to the city girl part of me.  In this little red barn, mama sheep and their sweet little lambs are nestled in straw with donkey's, chickens and ducks not too far away. 

An alpaca farm a few miles down the road lets us get an up close view of the little guy in the picture.  A preemie and still a bit behind his cohorts, this baby alpaca is needing a nap after lunch and begins to settle in for just that. 

Horses, alpacas, donkey's, chickens, ducks, sheep and a few other varieties of farm creatures graced us with their presence as we toured each farm.  Handmade jewelery, wine tasting, and a yummy bar-b-que rounded out the day as we pooped out and headed toward Portland to stay an Oregon Bed & Breakfast for the night.

Steve and Dusty at the Lion and The Rose Victorian B & B Inn located in the Irvington Historical District in Portland, Oregon awaited our visit and greeted us as we checked in to one of their six guest rooms.  Each guest room is decorated with period furnishings and each room has a private bath.  What I really loved about this inn is that it was comfortable, clean and oh yeah, the breakfast wasLion and The Rose Victorian B & B Inn, An Oregon Bed & Breakfast, Portland, Oregon quite delightful.  Offering a two course breakfast in their formal dining room, Steve served us a platter of fresh berries, citrus, grapes and melon.  A plate of fruit and a fresh baked blueberry scone and I was pleasantly satisfied.  The second course provided ham medallions, fried breakfast potatoes and a strata that incorporated mango's.  The delish breakfast, the company of Steve and the other lovely guests made me smile as we headed out for the ride home. 

Those of you brides or bridegrooms still looking for a unique and gorgeous place to celebrate your special day, know that the Lion and The Rose host weddings for up to 30 guests in the B & B or outside in their gardens for up to 50 guests.  A perfect venue for a sweet wedding and isn't it romantic that this Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild Inn has also been voted one of the best places to kiss in the Pacific Northwest. 

I don't think I could have asked for a more memorable weekend.  I loved the farm tour, the red barns, the animals and I especially loved the romantic stay at the Lion and The Rose Victorian B & B Inn

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