Balloons, Elephant Ears and a Culinary's all up in the air!

Next weekend is the award winning Wah Chang NW Art & Air Festival!  The party begins Friday, August 27th and continues through Sunday, August 29th at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Albany, Oregon!

Our balloonist begin floating in to town late next week to prepare for their hot air festivities!  Join us as we celebrate the stunning "Balloon Night Glow" while enjoying Curtis Salgado. "America" will be our entertainment on the MAIN STAGE Saturday evening!  Celebrating their 40th anniversary tour,...Read More

Culinary Tourism in Strata!

Googling the word, "strata," I found that it can mean many things.  A geological formation, the former name of a rock band, it's a recipe and a name of a company!  I'm not sure why this recipe is named "Strata" except that in this photograph, you can kind of see why perhaps because of the way it rises as it's squeezed out of it's perfect boundaries while baking.

This is a very easy recipe and again one of those we have twisted around, added to and played with till we got it right.  Simple,...Read More

A very "GREEN" vacation!

We love being "green!"  We love preserving our natural resources, we love the word, "sustainable" and we love experiencing all of this in the natural beauty that surrounds each of us living in or visiting the great "green" state of Oregon!

Not only are we on the forefront of all that exudes "green," we are and have been the example to the rest of the country that if you wanna be green, you have to learn from the best!  Riding our bikes, using public transportation, conserving, recycling,...Read More

The Lara House and Airlie Farm...our two newest members!

Airlie FarmThe Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild strives to bring our guests the highest quality possible when it comes to our membership inns!  And, lately it hasn't been that hard to do!

Two newly inspected inn's to the guild are the Lara House Lodge and Airlie Farm. The Lara House Lodge is located in Bend, Oregon and sits on slight knoll on a corner and Airlie Farm sitsperfectly on a few acres in horse country near Monmouth, Oregon!  Great locations for both inns!  Winter and summer activities in Bend so...Read More

I think I've died and gone to Oregon!

Statue at the Pittock Mansion!Moseying today from the Pearl District in NW Portland, I made my way to the Rose Test Garden and The Japanese Gardens.  I had decided that after trekking to the Pittock Mansion earlier in the week, my "city trekking" was not finished! 

For my birthday last week, my husband planned a nice hike near Multnomah Falls.  He knows I am in love with hiking in Oregon and somewhat embarrassed to say, we've been here 2-1/2 yrs. and hadn't made it to the falls yet.  I picked the actual trail...he won't take...Read More

Homes For Sale In Oregon!

Yes, there are homes for sale in Oregon...vintage homes in a town that boasts the most in the entire state!  Albany, Oregon has over 700 historic homes and buildings and they are all within four historic districts.

Each year, some of these gorgeous dwellings are open for the Annual Tour of Historic Homes and Gardens Tour.  This year that happens to be on July 31st!  Join hundreds of visitor's to Albany and The Willamette Valley to get a glimpse of some of the most unique homes in the country. 

A...Read More

Baked Eggs with Tomatoes, Herbs and Cream...breakfast at the inn!

Pondering what I wanted to serve my guests for breakfast a few days ago, I remembered that I had this egg recipe I got off the Williams-Sonoma website.  I remembered liking it because it was single serving and had tomatoes and cream in it.  It just had to be delicious and you can't go wrong with something that calls for cream!

Similar to my "Shirred Egg" recipe, this one is healthier version.  Not as much cheese but just enough grated on top as it exits my make it perfect!

Here's the...Read More

A Bed and Breakfast in Oregon...Forest Springs in Gresham, Oregon!

Following my recipe for fun, we mixed a chef that owns a beautiful B & B in Gresham, a few friends and a few of my family members together and you will not believe what we made!  It was amazing and delicious and spectacular and perfect! 

Two lasagne's later, after the bruschetta and olive tampenade, but during the caprese and the salad then again later when the Dutch Apple Cheesecake Tart came out of the oven...oh my gosh Patrick!  All we could say was, "it was gorgeous, delicious, slice me a big...Read More

Culinary Tourism...a "nosh" tour in the Willamette Valley!

Oh my, where do I begin?

I was born in SoCal on a warm dry day in 1961. Ok...skipping ahead a few years.... I watched as my grandmother pounded the heck out of a steak. She was a tiny thing but man could she pound the heck out of that beef. And, she was one of those kinds of women that could pull a few items out of her pantry and prepare a feast. Now my Jewish grandmother on my mom's side, another important influence in the kitchen, she told a totally different story. Couldn't understand a word...Read More

Culinary Tourism in the state of Oregon!...baked brie and caprese!

Not sure I would want this guy in my garden but I loved going to our local nursery last week!

Looking for all kinds of herbs to plant in our garden has been fun this year.  Our usual Sweet and Thai Basil will steal the show in all our breakfasts at our inn but this year we are looking for those unusual herbs that add a taste that's new and fresh!

There are a few of my favorite summertime recipes below that I hope you make, enjoy and share with your friends.  Around here when the sun is shining,...Read More

It's Nutty, Spicy, A Little Smokey With A Berry Finish!...Oregon Wine!

Posting some info on Facebook today got me thinking! I wanted to know from our Albany Visitor's Association Facebook fans what someone visiting this region could do for fun on a 300 dollar budget. Well...we got a few comments and for some reason, they all involved wine. It's kind of a given in these parts that when you come to the Willamette Valley, you are coming to taste our wine. Is there really any other reason to come??? Of course there's your family and friends to visit. There's hiking in...Read More

Lonesome Duck Ranch and anglers dream!

Lonesome Duck Ranch and ResortIn preparing to write this blog, I had to look up what the word "angler" meant.  According to wikipedia, it means someone who fishes with a rod and line.  I'm not a fisherman or fisher "woman" for that matter but when I had the opportunity to check out Lonesome Duck Ranch and Resort, I was pretty excited.  I love anything that says "ranch!"  I love what that word means.  I love that there are usually animals on a ranch, sometimes a dog, almost always a horse to two and that laid back kind of...Read More

My Personal Strata At An Oregon Bed and Breakfast!

Strata!Not a tower in London or a layer of rock and soil but an Italian recipe for breakfast!  This Strata Recipe is one more that can be changed up, modified, ingredients moved and changed around and one more recipe that I love preparing for my guests! 

Whatever you have growing in your garden this summer can be added to the Strata making it even better.  Fresh tomatoes, zucchini, Thai name it and it can be added to this recipe.  Until then...using fresh eggs and veggies from your local...Read More

Culinary Tourism in Oregon Takes You To The Coffee Shop!

"Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted seeds, commonly called coffee beans, of the coffee plant. They are seeds of coffee cherries that grow on trees in over 70 countries. Green unroasted coffee is one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world. Due to its caffeine content, coffee can have a stimulating effect in humans. Today, coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide." per Wikipedia when googling "coffee!"

And according to a National Geographic take on...Read More

50 Plates...all 50 States and the rest of the feast found in Portland!

"50 Plates is a restaurant showcasing the cuisine of the American tradition. Of memories real or imagined of grandmothers’ pies, state fair fries, of date shakes and cheese steaks; a Kentucky bourbon fueled culinary road-trip beyond Route 66, from Smithfield Hams to Ipswich Clams. 50 Plates is the best of red states, blue plates, and everything in between."

Nuff said!  This Portland, Oregon restaurant kind of sums up their offerings in one short and very sweet paragraph!  Too late for dinner one...Read More

Harry Connick Jr....Ashland, September 2010

Really...this man needs no introduction, needs no drum roll and most definitely needs no one to miss out on seeing him perform later this summer.

Love the Britt Festival in Southern Oregon?  Well...this year's line up is unforgettable! Seriously if you love's time to buy your concert tickets and reserve your Ashland Bed and Breakfast now.  Go to our website at and reserve your room.  We have several Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild membership inns in Ashland and...Read More

"Faster! I'm Starving!" I'm kind of a freak when it comes to books.  I love old books, I love new books and I really love cookbooks!  My most favorite place to find books?...Powell's in downtown Portland, Oregon!

A full city block in size and several floors high, Powell's sits squarely in downtown Portland.  A sight seers destination, a visitors dream and this innkeepers heaven.  And yes...I can usually  be found in the cookbook isle.  We are always looking for a new recipe and new idea from a cookbook to keep...Read More

Rhubarb Muffins in The Willamette Valley!

Lobenhaus B & B in Carlton, ORCentrally located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Lobenhaus Bed and Breakfast and Vineyard has sent us this very tasty recipe to share with our readers.

This muffin recipe looks easy and we love that!  We can't wait to try it.
Thanks innkeepers Shari & Joe Lobenstein for sharing.  You'll find the Lobenhaus as one of the unique inns of the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild.

If you happen to try this recipe, be sure to let us know how it turned out!


3/4 cup brown sugar

Read More

A Scones Throw Oregon Culinary Vacation!

Lately a lot of the guests at our inn have traveled short distances to stay with us.  SometimesThe breakfast table at an Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild Inn! they are visiting family, sometimes they are here to catch up with old friends and even some of them just want to get out of the big city or just get in to a city of any size.  More and more our travels are taking us to destinations that aren't too far from home.  Sometimes we just wanna get away!  Isn't that a song lyric?  Anyways, when you need to get away or just want to treat yourself to a little...Read More

Upstairs Downtown in a small town!

There's a reason why all the Bed and Breakfast Accommodations are totally booked Friday, May7th in Albany, Oregon.  There's a reason why everyone loves coming to downtown Albany every year in May.  And last year was such a success, we're going for a repeat!

Our Upstairs Downtown Tour has been a huge hit every year.  Last year someone had the very bright idea of tossing a little Oregon wine in to the mix and guess what...that someone was a genius!

Boasting the most in number and the most varied in...Read More