Pumpkins, Pinot and Pears...A Never Ending Harvest!

A fall tree in the Willamette Valley!I know it's a week or so away, actually it's only 7 days from today and I am so giddy I can hardly contain myself. Okay, don't worry...I won't take it too far but, I am excited!

I love Autumn! Have I mentioned that before? I think I have eluded to that fact on Facebook but I don't know if I have really made that clear. But, Autumn is my most favorite time of year!

Living in SoCal most of my life, Autumn meant to me that it was going to start cooling down. I like summer ok but I really hate and I mean "really hate" hot weather. I grew up with no AC then we got a swamp cooler and anyone growing up with that in SoCal knows how well that worked in keeping you cool. You were still hot but now you were hot and sticky. So, Autumn meant things around CA were going to cool down.

Now we live in Oregon and the lush Willamette Valley provides us with the most perfect weather as far as we are concerned. Yes, the first thing we did when we moved here in the dead of winter was have AC installed. We are still Californians at heart I suppose and we do get a day here and there in the summer where it's 85 or so. Plus we have 3 stories to keep cool and our guests love the AC in the summer. So, it was the smart thing to do!

Now back to Autumn. Everywhere we go, every vegetable garden we see, every farm we drive by, we see pumpkins! Yes, pumpkins and so sorry for those of you just not ready for them but guess what?...they are ripe and almost ready for the pickin'. Along with pumpkins, our pears are ripe too. Well, some varieties will be ready to pick in a few weeks. Did you know that over 80% of the pears in the world were grown right here in Oregon? Mostly in the Hood River region of Oregon that is. So, right now is the perfect time to take that drive called the "Fruit Loop" in Hood River, Oregon. Winding through orchards, farms, roadside stands and of course vineyards, the Fruit Loop sounds like a perfect Saturday thing to do while you are visiting an Oregon Bed & Breakfast.

This is Oregon Bounty time as well for things other than pumpkins and pears. It's harvest time for that lovely fruit that makes Oregon so famous for it's wines. Fast becoming the newest Napa Valley, Oregon's prize winning, world renown, and absolutely palate pleasing wines are featured not only at our inn of course, but everywhere you go in Oregon. Taking part in the Oregon Bounty events affords you the opportunity to not only "stomp the grape" at many wineries and vineyards, you get to drink the good stuff while you do it. And, I have been told that the more pinot you drink, the more fun you have stomping. Makes sense to me!

Pairing some of Oregons wines with a few slices of several varieties of pears and of course pumpkin pie, makes for the perfect Autumn afternoon. I start making pumpkin pies on the first day of fall so September 22nd my honey will be a happy man as we share a slice and a bottle of our favorite Pinor Noir on our front porch.

While you are checking out our Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild website, check out our Oregon Bounty page as well.  Get a glimpse of what some of our innkeepers are cooking up for your next visit to an Oregon Bed & Breakfast as you experience Oregon's "never ending harvest!"

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