Resting For A Minute In An Oregon Bed & Breakfast!

Bleeding Heart @ The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn, Albany, OregonIt's not always perfect but we try very hard to make the experience memorable and a whole lot of fun here at The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn!

Experiencing our second busiest month since we opened our inn last May, March was a quite a lovely surprise and brought us guests from all over the country.  April hasn't been too shabby either.  So, on May 1st, we celebrate our one year anniversary and are completely booked the entire weekend.  It is Mother's Weekend at Oregon State University and since we are only about 15 minutes from the campus in Corvallis, Oregon, we have the delightful pleasure of hosting several women and their daughters here at our inn. Oh yeah, we are also expecting about 700 people dropping by for wine tasting as we are on Albany's first ever "wine walk." 

Spring has also delighted us with tulips, daffodils, bleeding heart, and the beginnings of our little cottage garden.  We will be planting our zucchini, tomato and crook neck squash seedlings this afternoon and begin looking for recipes that include our home grown veggies.  A little picture of what our winter was like in early January is below and still surprised that the wonderful sunny days farSnowy angel and an Oregon Bed & Breakfast. outweighed the snowy cold ones here in the valley but we are so enjoying the "warm" that comes with the sun this time of year. 

My husband is finishing up breakfast dishes now that our guests are off to enjoy their day.  They were treated to  fresh cantaloupe, Chili Rellano casserole, pico de gallo, ham steaks, Cottage oven red potatoes with sweet onion and asiago cheese along with homemade cherry scones, lemon curd, sweet butter and orange marmalade.  (I had to try a scone and oh my gosh!  Not to toot my own horn, but what the heck.  It was yummy!)  

This evening brings another lovely Oregon wine and Chris's farmer's market Marion Berry Pie to the table as we gather with our guests to share about their day, their families and friends, and most of all for us, what our second year as innkeepers is going to bring. 

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