Romancing Oregon...Wine Tasting and Chocolates Upon The Hills!

Heart Cookie from Sweet Things in Albany, ORWho doesn't love chocolate?  Who doesn't enjoy a good Oregon Pinot Noir?  And how perfect they are together!  Especially when paired in a candle lit wine cellar!

This weekend at Willamette Valley Vineyards, you and your honey can enjoy this delight hand in hand as you sip and taste your way through this Valentine's Day weekend.  Only available one time a year, this winery offers their 2007 Pinot Noir Quinta Reserva Port Style.  Now pair that with "Extreme Chocolates" and "Brigittine Monks Truffles and Fudge" and according to a chocolate lover at have got yourself a tasty afternoon treat.  Many more chocolate treats will be sampled this weekend making this a true chocolate culinary experience.

Now, don't stop...keep going...just a little more south near Sweet Home.  Get your chocolate and port fix at Willamette Valley Vineyards then get your "art" and "new release" fix at Marks Ridge Winery.  

Located at the top of hill in the Willamette Valley, Marks Ridge offers their "First Blush!"  A newPeony's from Albany's Farmer's Market last summer! release along with thee most spectacular view of the valley.  A little music and art hosted by the Linn County Art Show and you have the perfect Valentine Sunday!

So, when you check out of your lovely Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild Inn on Sunday morning, we hope you will join us in the Willamette Valley in the afternoon.  See you in the cellar sipping port and sampling chocolates or perhaps high on the hill at Marks Ridge near Sweet Home.  Wherever you choose to taste...remember that romance can last forever especially if you are romancing in Oregon!

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