Shopping, Dining or Fishing Anyone?

This is dedicated to my friend Rich.  Rich loves to fish!  He plays with his rods, his reels, his boat motor, his lures, etc.  Now, I don't fish but I love to eat and I love shopping.  So, when my friend Rich brings his lovely wife Diane to visit us here in Oregon, I think we will take them to Astoria!

Oregon coast salmonI did my homework and checked out a website that is dedicated to helping you find the best places to fish in the Pacific Northwest.  If you love fishing for salmon, evidently the best place go is Astoria.  I hear August and September is the peak season for salmon fishing.  But, if you are into fishing for anything else, check out the website for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.  You can find schedules, high season info, rules and regs, and even where to go to find the fish you seek.  

Now I wanna talk eating and shopping.  I have only been to Astoria once and it is an absolutely breathtaking town. We are planning to take a little trip to Astoria in a week or so and  have planned to stay at Clementines Bed and Astoria Oregon Bed and Breakfast.Breakfast, a lovely B & B just one half mile from the Columbia River Maritime Museum.  I want to shop downtown Astoria and of course check out the Astoria Coffee House.  Their menu includes comfort foods, homemade pastries and handcrafted coffee and it all sounds so yummy!   

I am looking forward to our little get away to Astoria and sharing it with you when we return. Don't know how much fishing we'll do but I know we will truly enjoy the shopping, dining and falling into a comfy bed at the end of a busy day. Oh, and Rich, when are you coming to Oregon???  

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