Slow Food, a Local Chef and an Oregon Experience!

Perusing this new book today got me reeling with excitement about the Pacific Northwest.  It really doesn't take much to make that happen but seeing my inn along with our local restaurants, special places to see, shop and experience in Joan Tapper's new book is very cool!

Joan Tapper and photographer Nik Wheeler spent a few days at our inn a while back as they gathered infomation on their new venture.  Only one in a series, this book focuses on the Pacific Northwest and all the wonderful things about "here!"

One item that really stood out in this read was the fact that a book on places to go to see the beauty of the region included food and drink as part of it's content. Food, drink, the experience of the "place" is all involving.  How can it not be and especially here where all that goodness is the on the forefront of every visitor's mind.  So, becomes the topic!

Mentioning places to see and visit is proper when writing a book but mentioning to it's readers where to eat, gotta assume that the author really loved the food.  And, there is no better way to truly enjoy and learn about a region.  Referring to the words "slow food," according to Wikipedia, they mean, "to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and promote farming of plants, seeds and livestock characteristics of the local ecosystem," explains this particular area to a "t!"  Enter...Matt Bennett, chef and owner of four restaurants in downtown Albany, Oregon.  The epitomy of "slow food" in my book, Joan Tapper mentions two of his restaurants in hers.

Pacific Northwest Cuisine is Matt's specialty and his restaurant, Sybaris in downtown Albany dazzles not only author's, photographer's and aspiring chef's, it attracts locals, guests staying at the inn a few blocks away, bicyclists, friend's and "slow food" lovers from all over the region.  In a place that thrives on the entire meaning of "food" in all it's forms, shapes and tastes and living in some of the most fertile places in the universe, our food is as important to us as breathing!  Local Farmer's Markets, our gardens growing in our communities, fresh delivered greens, eggs, milk and being able to watch our cows graze in real grass, our chickens peck at things chickens peck at and being careful to not abuse our waters so our fish can thrive, gives us the best food in the country!

Now, for the best combo meal?  Toss in with this restaurant experience a nice ride through the countryside of any region in Oregon, a very nice Pinot Noir from our Willamette Valley, a bushel of pears from Hood River, some cheese from Southern Oregon, Joan and Nik's book and one our Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild inns and you're good to go! 

Enjoy the read, the slow food and the slow ride through all of our regions!

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