The Rose City...the perfect place to fall in love...all over again!

Tell me if you know, but what can possibly be more romantic than hopping on a train with someone you love and getting away for a night or two? 

There is just something romantic about the historic train station in the town where I live.  My inn is just a short 10 minute walk to the Albany Train Station.  So, when we want a little romantic get-a-way, we take the train! 

The tracks from Albany to Portland are steady, the train ride is smooth and the countryside...well...let's just say, I have had a perpetual grin on my face several times on the trip.  The rolling hills of farmland, passing Linn County, the Grass Seed Capitol of The World you know.  Then on to Salem, our state capital.  More farmland, the Willamette River, the locks, Oregon City, the sweetest historic homes and then...the Rose City...Portland!

Our next favorite city in Oregon, yes we are in love with Portland!  Stepping out of the train and in to Union Station in Portland can give you the feeling of another time, a time long ago when taking the train was the way most people got around.  Situated close to everything, Union Station is a short walk to the MAX line or a just a few blocks from downtown!

Now, when we go to Portland, the first thing we love to do is eat!  Often it's claim to fame, Portland is known for being thee destination for culinary travel, boasting the the best northwest culinary experience and the best place to go for that truly authentic Oregon culinary vacation! could say all that or you could just say..."point me toward downtown,  show me the way to the Pearl, take me to 23rd avenue, the Hawthorne district or wherever, just feed me!"  I have said it before, and I will say it again...there is no place that I know of that has more variety, more tastes or more delicious dining experiences than Portland!

Whether you drive to the Rose City, fly in to PDX or take the train, experiencing Portland just isn't the same if you haven't enjoyed the hospitality of an Oregon Bed and Breakfast!  Talk about a "culinary vacation!"  You haven't had breakfast in Portland if you aren't sitting around the breakfast table enjoying those Marion Berry scones served with Tillamook butter, the eggs from the farmer's market just down the street, the bacon or sausage from the farm on the way to the coast or that awesome hazel nut waffle with just a little something in it that you just can't pinpoint but you know it tastes like something you have never had before.  Well, Clear Creek Distillery in Portland does make the best Pear Liqueur and the best pear liqueur tastes really good in hazelnut waffle batter!

So, Valentine's Day is coming up and if you want to really surprise that special someone, book a romantic train ride to Portland, indulge in the Oregon culinary delights about town and stay in one of our Portland, Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild Inns!

Fall in love all over the Rose City!

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