Upstairs Downtown in a small town!

There's a reason why all the Bed and Breakfast Accommodations are totally booked Friday, May7th in Albany, Oregon.  There's a reason why everyone loves coming to downtown Albany every year in May.  And last year was such a success, we're going for a repeat!

Our Upstairs Downtown Tour has been a huge hit every year.  Last year someone had the very bright idea of tossing a little Oregon wine in to the mix and guess what...that someone was a genius!

Boasting the most in number and the most varied in the entire state of Oregon, Albany's historic homes and buildings shine in the spot light.  Come see why Albany has won the hearts of travel writer's, photographers and artists.  Join us for our Upstairs Downtown Tour and Wine Walk and you will be smitten too!  Returned to their original state, many of our downtown buildings have life again.  Reaching for originality, grabbing the opportunity to become what it once was and for the love of all that is absolutely charming, our quintessential town will capture your heart!

See you Friday, May 7th with sneakers on and wine glass in hand! 


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