What Does Wine Tasting In The Willamette Valley and The Spruce Goose Have In Common?

Aviation Museum, Mc Minnville, OregonSo, what does the Aviation Museum in McMinnville and wine tasting have in common?  Hopefully nothing and everything! 

All located within a few miles of each other, the Aviation Museum that houses the Spruce Goose among many other airplanes, space capsules and rockets, makes for wine tasting in the Willamette Valley quite the perfect pairing.

My family from Arizona and California visiting this week wanted to experience something new, something tasty and something very "Oregon", so I made a list!  My list included visiting four wineries that included Panther Creek in McMinnville, Adelsheim Vineyard in Newberg, Argyle Winery and Sokol-Blosser Winery both in Dundee.  MySokol-Blosser Winery list also included a visit to Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, the mall at Pioneer Square, and of course a nice cold one at Deschutes Brewery in the Pearl. 

So, backing up a bit, I made my list but you know how lists go.  We only made it to Adelsheim Vineyard and Sokol-Blosser.  We kind of got stuck in a good way at the museum.  Breathtaking and so worth the trip, the Aviation Museum is a "must see" in Oregon. It's a shame if you skip this and head straight for the wine!  Although they offer free wine tasting at the museum from their own grapes grown on sight.  Who could ask for more?

If you are wondering what to do and where to go to get the "entire Oregon experience" in one day, make a list or just "wing" it.  Either way, there is so much to do and see, you may need a week!

Quite a long day in the heart of Oregon wine country with our family, paired with the best of Culinary Tourism in Portland and ending perfectly by going back to Albany for a lovely night's rest in an Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild inn.  Perfectly delightful! 

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