Why You Should Stay In An Oregon Bed and Breakfast!

Front porch of The Touvelle House in Jacsonville, ORWant to know why some people choose to stay in bed and breakfasts when they travel?  What is it that makes some of us yearn for the coziness and warmth of that "home away from home?"  Well, hopefully if you haven't stayed at an Oregon Bed and Breakfast before...we can convince you to try it out.  We promise you will like it and once you've been pampered a bit, fed a few homemade chocolate chip cookies and poured a nice glass of Oregon's premier Pinot Noir...you will be sold!

The whole idea of the Bed and Breakfast idea of course dates back many years and was mostly a European idea.  In the recent past, the eastern US was the place to visit for that perfect Bed & Breakfast experience.  However, since the 1980's, the idea of the B & B as has grown and flourished all over the US with the advent of the big hotel stay becoming "sterile" and "unfeeling" of guests needs.  Warmth, coziness, homey...whatever "feeling" most B & B's are going for these days, the attraction is there, the feel good, feel at home, feel like I love being pampered are just a few of the main reasons to book that B & B stay.

Some hotels are trying and succeeding I might add in really trying to provide their guests with as much homeyness as possible.  But, there is just something about waking up in a bed that's over 100 years old and used to belong to someone's favorite aunt that brings that B & B stay to reason.  There is something about laying in that bed each morning and smelling that delicious scent of coffee brewing, smelling those homemade hazelnut scones baking in the oven and somehow know that's part of your breakfast.  And, that "good morning, did you sleep well" caring attitude that you just can't get from a big hotel that will leave you never wanting for anything less is amazing.

Owned by innkeepers, most inns offer the best of the best in whatever region they are in.  In the know about where to find the "best" dinner, brew, outdoor activities, wineries, etc., these innkeepers live in their inns!  They live in these communities and hold stake in what happens here and are proud and excited to share all that they know and love about where they are! 

New ideas...maybe but you know we love our jobs and we love catering to our guests.  Any men out there not sure about the whole Bed & Breakfast stay yet?  Well, finding the right inn for you isn't too hard.  With more innkeepers sticking their doilies in the drawers and instead of dusting the knick knacks, they are now getting rid of them, you will be happy to find that we have catered to the male type of guest more often than not.  Don't be surprised to see a well stocked guest fridge with some local beers or specials that include a fishing or golf trip.  We're there for you too!

An Oregon Pinot Noir and a local artisan cheese platter may be waiting for you at your next visit to an Oregon Bed and Breakfast.  A simply unique style, simply unique architecture, comfortable and perfect...that's your next B & B experience!

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