Wine Tasting Brought To You At An Oregon Bed & Breakfast!

Michael Bailey at an Oregon Bed & Breakfast.  In Vitis For Wine, LLCSo, what's better...going wine tasting in the luscious Willamette Valley or having the wine tasting brought to you at an Oregon Bed & Breakfast? 

I would say both of course but just relaxing on an old front porch on a gorgeously warm Oregon day and having the tasting come to you...well, let's just say, what an unexpected treat!

Michael Bailey is the owner of In Vitis For Wine and a friend of those really needing to taste good wine  and a friend of ours of course!  We met Michael and his lovely wife last August when they were our guests during Oregon's awarding winning Northwest Art and Air Festival.  Wine distributor and professional "taster", Michael chooses only the finest wines in the region to represent the "best" wine Oregon has to offer.  So, you know, we are feeling kind of spoiled living here.  The fastest growing wine region in the country, if not the world, Oregon's Pinot Noir's are fast becoming a staple.

Doing our duty to serve only the finest Oregon wine to our guests each afternoon, we offer theOregon's Willamette Valley.  Vineyards near Newberg, Oregon and an Oregon Bed and Breakfast! best in local faire and usually giving our guests what they came to Oregon for in the first place.  It is a sweet surprise too when our guests are so enamored with the wines here, they can't wait to bring us a bottle of a new wine they have discovered while touring Oregon's wineries.

So, whether you come for the wine, the perfect weather, or just to be spoiled, we "invite" you to come taste at an Oregon Bed & Breakfast.

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