Yes, I Would Love Some Fries With My Burger! Cafe 22 West And An Oregon Bed & Breakfast

Burger and Fries at Cafe 22 West, Salem, OregonOkay, please tell me who doesn't like a good burger with a few fries now and then.  My husband is a huge burger fan and almost got kicked out of a posh little restaurant near L.A. one time because he asked for ketchup to put on his "top sirloin" patty.  Well, they finally brought the ketchup and as he poured it from the dainty little silver pitcher, I couldn't help but laugh. 

Our guests from the east coast a few weeks ago wine tasted their way up 99W from Albany and happened upon Cafe 22 West near Salem.  Loaded with stories of the burgers, the fries, the tots, the strawberry shortcake, the milkshakes, etc., we had to try it ourselves. 

Not too far from downtown Salem, Cafe 22 West is of course on hwy 22 about 8 miles west of Salem.  Open every day from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, and now serving dinner Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  The cafe offers tasty dishes with some of their ingredients grown on site.  The cafe as well as the adjoining vegetable/fruit stand has on their menu items such as The Farmer Alarmer Burger, The Southern Route, Baby Back Ribs and Wild Gulf Shrimp and then piled high with fresh berries and whip cream, their seasonal strawberry shortcake and Tillamook Ice Cream Cones look absolutely divine! 

Eagle Crest Bed and Breakfast near Salem is the perfect home base for a weekend or summer weekday trip.  Looking for a bit of nature outside the big city?  Eagle Crest B & B offers modern amenities with that "out in the country" feel.  Add a day hike to your Oregon Bed & Breakfast stay at Silver Creek Falls, top it off with your favorite burger and fries and of course the fresh strawberry shortcake and your trio sounds perfect!

See you at Cafe 22 West!

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