You Were Right Jimmie...the creme brule' french toast was delish!

8th Avenue Canal, downtown Albany!Three days, a daughter and her boyfriend, an inn, snow, hiking trails, shopping and four very well-fed people.  That's pretty much our last few days in a nutshell.  

Talk about a quick trip!  Our daughter and her boyfriend had read a few of our blogs.  Tired of just reading about Oregon, they were determined to do a little exploring for themselves.  In doing so, I realized that four people with determination, drive, a taste for adventure and delightful dining options should grab hold and enjoy the ride...even if we've only got a few days.  So, we did!

We really only planned one day and that was going to be spent snowmobiling near Mt. Bachelor.  So, how to spend the rest of the time our visitor's were here only took a few seconds to figure out.  Leaving PDX...our first stop...a true Portland culinary experience...Voodoo Doughnuts!  Cap'n Crunch doughnuts, Grape Powder doughnuts, Voodoo Doll doughnuts, M&M doughnuts and a few others made it back to Albany.

Our next full day was filled with adventure as we decided to show our guests the OSU College Forest Trails near Corvallis.  Hiking for a short time, we came across an "Old Growth Trail" that if you have never been on before you really must experience it.  We had been on this trail once before in the fall and when you are hiking on it,  you feel like you are on a movie set involving fairies, gnomes and some kind of spectacular magic.  The moss hanging off old spirited trees, emerald ferns, rocks, streams and bridges all throughout this trail make for some of the most awesome sights.  We never knew green had so many shades.  Dinner at our new fav in downtown Albany, Vault 244, as usual made for the perfect Oregon culinary experience and my Rosemary Lime Cooler was tasty too! Time to check in for the night for the snow awaited us the next day!

Ever drove hwy 20?  Well, if you haven't, you must!  It is absolutely the most beautiful hwy ISnow Mobiling Near Mt. Bachelor! have ever seen.  Again, so many shades of green with the forest everywhere and no surprise this scenic route is called, "Over The Rivers and Through The Woods."  And so we did go over the river and got through the woods and made it all the way to Mt. Bachelor near Bend, Oregon.  Our second time snowmobiling, our first time sharing it with our family and now we are hooked!  The faster the better and the weather?...thee most perfectly sunny day up there on the hill!  I'm ready to go again!

If you are sitting there reading this blog wondering what in the heck the title has to do with anything, well...I will explain.  Several months ago, I happened upon "Word of Mouth Bistro" in Salem, OR.  I was immediately in love with this quaint Northwest Culinary experience.  I love finding these kinds of places to share with my friends and guests so I did just that.  Our friend Jimmie then took his wife to breakfast to "Word of Mouth" and then proceeded to tell me about the Creme Brule' French Toast.  We finally got there this morning on our way back to PDX.  And...oh my gosh! die for...literally!  Cream filled bread, soaked in something...who knows what and then brule'd or whatever it is they do.  Crispy, crunchy and sweet goodness on the outside and soft and so very tasty on the inside...yum!  So, were was delish! 

So, if you are reading this blog and are wondering what to do in Oregon in only a few days, check out one our Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild member inns.  Innkeepers know all the best places for fun in Oregon and can certainly treat you to a trip to remember!


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