Our Farm Tour and Lion and The Rose Victorian B & B Inn

Last Saturday, we went on our first "farm tour."  Held in the Willamette Valley in the absolutely gorgeous farming communities of Wilsonville and Sherwood, the sunny warm Oregon day was the perfect backdrop for the huge red barns that graced the valley floor.  Of course it helped that across that valley, Mt. Hood in all it's snowy glory stood showing off it's new "blankets" of snow.  For you skiers, don't put your ski's away any time soon.  But for you farm goers, get your boots let's go on...Read More

Central Oregon Coast things to do and alternatives to Oregon Coast hotels

Central Oregon Coast photo courtesy of Rayna's blog, Central Oregon Coast-things to doAre you planning a trip to the Central Oregon Coast?  Need a good place to stay? 

It's so fun to stumble into great resources on the Internet!

There's a wonderful blog called Central Oregon Coast-Things to Do full of practical suggestions of places to go, things to do and what to see all along the Central Oregon Coast.

Rayna is the blogger--a landscape designer with a passion for health and fitness.  And for day hikes in the Central Oregon Coastal area!

Here's just a sampling of what you'll find...Read More

PAII Conference Day 1: Association Leaders Meeting

Greetings from Atlanta and the 2009 PAII Conference!  Today's pre-conference activity included the Association Leaders Meeting.  Twenty-five innkeeper-leaders from across the United States and Canada assembled for a full day of idea gathering, presentations and collective thinking.  Of course, a tasty salmon filet lunch didn't hurt either.

Roll the tape! (The session was recorded.)

Georgia Official Tourism WebsiteThe meeting started off with a local presentation by Janet Cochran, the Northwest Georgia Historic High Country...Read More

Stay at an Oregon Coast Bed and Breakfast and Experience "Whale Watching Spoken Here"

Whale Watching and Oregon Coast LodgingThere are 26 "Whale Watching Spoken Here" sites along the Oregon Coast, manned by trained volunteers during the spring and winter migration.  The volunteers are on duty to answer your questions about the migrating animals and assist in spotting.   The Whale Watching Center reports seeing good numbers of whales traveling past the Oregon coast and keeps a running tab on the sightings.

Newport Belle Bed and Breakfast for Oregon Coast Lodging People come from far and wide to learn about the whales that migrate past the Oregon Coast each year.  And the Oreg... Read More

Someplace a little out of the way for Mother's Day Weekend 2009--and a Gallery Art Walk to enjoy

Looking for somewhere to get out of Dodge for Mother's Day Weekend 2009?  We've got just the thing in Eastern Oregon to knock her socks off--a gallery art walk event in just about the farthest place you can get away from Portland and still be in Oregon. . .and some great Oregon Bed and Breakfasts where you can show her how much you appreciate her!

We're revving up for spring out out here in Eastern Oregon. . .Eight galleries in Joseph Oregon are throwing their 3rd Annual Gallery Art Walk on...

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News from Belle Pepper's B&B in Eastern Oregon

Guest blogger Pepper McColgan from Belle Pepper's Bed and Breakfast in Joseph, Oregon shares what's going on in her little piece of the world:

Spring is coming! You can tell by the little things.  There is more ground showing than snow, the trees have tiny buds that are thinking of swelling up, and the air is just a bit warmer.  We do have to keep in mind that we are not through with winter’s cold and snow but it’s time to look toward spring.

My garden planning is in full swing.  Note I said planni...

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A Portland, Oregon Bed and Breakfast, Quilts, Elephants and Beer!

Downtown Portland, December 2008Only one year ago, my husband and I took the train from Albany, Oregon and spent a lovely couple of days in Portland, Oregon.  We had only driven through the area and never stopped to see or enjoy the city.  Well, now Portland has become one of our most favorite destinations.  I still am in awe of my husband when I follow him like a puppy dog as we get on the MAX, get off the MAX, get on a street car, well you know where this is going.  I really don't but I am always game for a ride and we...Read More

Hurry out to Coos Bay Oregon well before Friday check-in time at the Oregon coast hotels (or better yet--Coos Bay Manor)!

If you're travelling the Oregon Coast and would like an inexpensive but unique dining experience, then consider Oregon Coast Culinary Institute in Coos Bay, Oregon.  Students and graduates have the opportunity to try out their skills on the public, but it's not like visiting a beauty school for a haircut.

Here's a recent sample from their website of the Friday lunch:
February 27

Pecorino and Herb Stuffed Mushrooms
Balsamic Melon Salad
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich with Lamb Bacon,...

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Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts, June 5-7, 2009, and 4 great OBBG members in Eastern Oregon

Artist demonstrations at the Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts in Joseph OregonThere's a touch of spring in the air and volunteers are organizing for the first seasonal event in Wallowa County--the 27th Annual Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts.

When: Friday to Sunday, June 5-7, 2009

Where: Joseph Community Center, Joseph, Oregon

More information: Festival website at www.wallowavalleyarts.org/festivalarts.htm/

This event is a juried fine arts show featuring professional and nonprofessional artists from primarily the Pacific Northwest.  Mediums include two-dimensional artwork...Read More

Why Choose a Bed & Breakfast? How about the Conversation?

It seems as though certain people grativate to bed and breakfasts just like other people grativate to hotels or to motels.  The bed & breakfast guest is often a congenial person, interested in other people, and willing to share a conversation over breakfast with someone they've never met and perhaps will never meet again.

Susan Chien animated a portion of Sarah Vowell's book, Assassination Vacation, for a school project.  As an innkeeper I couldn't help but laugh.  We just never know who'll show...Read More

Dog Friendly Hospitality at Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild Inns

Whether or not you are a pet owner or lover you have to have noticed the growing partnership between the booming pet and hospitality industries.  Dog bakeries seem to be in every town, doggy day camps, dog boarding, dog grooming, pet portraits, and an unbelievable array of dog accessories that are available at high end boutiques.  It is not surprising that more Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guildmembers are jumping on board.  And now, with the slower economic times, with more travelers taking...

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Of interest to B&B guests who knit. . .

The stop-action animation film "Coraline" was recently released in Portland and Ashland, Oregon, with a big opening night party in Portland.  It's an Oregon-based film, created by Oregon company Laika and set partly in Ashland Oregon.  The story revolves around a little girl who finds a parallel world existing through a door in her apartment. 

Now, I haven't seen it yet and it'll probably be awhile before it comes anywhere near my bed & breakfast in the far eastern part of the state...Read More

Budget Travel's February 2009 article: "Confessions of a Hotel Housekeeper" doesn't apply to the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild!

Confessions Of... A Hotel Housekeeper

"Instead of Vacuuming, I Picked Up Some Crumbs"

Frommer's Budget Travel magazine features inside confessions articles from various people who work or have worked in the hospitality industry.  The recent February 2009 article, "Confessions of a Hotel Housekeeper" is enough to make the travelling public want to stay at home.  The author , a former housekeeper, talks about substandard housekeeping practices she employed while working at Yellowstone's Old...
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One Oregonian's Impressions of Manzanita Oregon on the Coast and Where to Stay Near Manzanita

One of the fun things about writing this blog is looking for other places to go/things to do in Oregon that people have blogged about--especially when there's an Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild member nearby. 

Here's a recent blog post from an Oregon woman who is reinventing herself as an abstract artist:

"Coast" 10x10" Oil on Canvas
I love sitting and painting on the beaches of the Oregon Coast. I think Manzanita, Or is my favorite. Mostly because there is a great hotdog stand there in the summer,...
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Hotels vs. Bed and Breakfasts: Pros & Cons and the Doily Factor

The Washington Post as a source for lodging, hotel and bed and breakfast information

Ooh, my!  Today's Washington Post article in the Travel section interviews two individuals from respected travel organizations, Brooke Ferencsik of Trip Advisor and Marti Mayne of BedandBreakfast.com.

The gist of the article, titled "Getting the Best Hotel Room for the Best Price," has to do with where to find the best rates, how to avoid hidden charges, when to travel for better rates, how to do comparison shopping on the Web, etc.

Here's something that caught my eye under the heading, Conside...
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A Local View of Things to do this Spring in Astoria Oregon: At Least 3 Good Reasons to Visit Astoria Now

Landmark bridge in Astoria, Oregon leading to our favorite Astoria Oregon Bed and Breakfast membersIt's early Spring and the Astoria Oregon Bed and Breakfast members of the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild are ready for guests.  Plan your weekend or weekday getaway now to take advantage of these out-of-the-mainstream events.

Festivals and concerts are already planned through April 2009!

Fisher Poets Gathering, February 27 – March 1. The large festival of lilting literature is returning to the north Oregon coast town. The Fisher Poets Gathering has been an annual event in Astoria the last full...Read More