Authentic Oregon: Visit Iwetemlaykin State Heritage Site in Northeastern Oregon

Iwetemlaykin State Heritage Site near Joseph Oregon and Wallowa Lake.  Opened in 2009, this heritage site is one of Oregon State Park system's newest parks open to the public.  This land is culturally significant to the Nez Perce people.  .Geotourism is all the rage and there's plenty of it to experience in the state of Oregon.  The Iwetemlaykin State Heritage Site is one of the Oregon State Park system's newest parks.  (If you want to know how to impress your friends, it's pronounced "ee-weh-TEAM-lye-kin").  The site is the former Marr Ranch, a 60-acre parcel adjoining the Old Chief Joseph Gravesite and Wallowa Lake, part of the ancestral home of the Chief Joseph Band of the Nez Perce.

The site is very accessible along the road to Wallowa Lake.  This image give you an idea of what the grounds look like in January.

For an authenic Oregon experience, consider spending a few days in Joseph, Oregon, and visiting the Iwetemlaykin State Heritage Site at different times of day.  In the early morning you'll probably find wildlife there.  During the day, watch the sun cast varying shadows on the Wallowa Mountains.  In the afternoon, visit Wallowa Lake and the Old Chief Joseph Gravesite.  Come back to Iwetemlaykin in the evening as the coolness descends.

You'll find two authentic Oregon bed and breakfasts in Joseph that are part of the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild. 
  • Belle Pepper's Bed & Breakfast offers stately lodging in the former home of Frank D. McCully, one of (Old) Chief Joseph's white neighbors.  Frank McCully's headstone can be found on the grounds of the Old Chief Joseph Gravesite near Wallowa Lake.
  • Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast is located nearby in Joseph.  This 1920s period bungalow is restored in the European Arts & Crafts style.  The inn's library includes many books on local Oregon history to round out your geotourism experience.

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