Dog Friendly Hospitality at Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild Inns

Whether or not you are a pet owner or lover you have to have noticed the growing partnership between the booming pet and hospitality industries.  Dog bakeries seem to be in every town, doggy day camps, dog boarding, dog grooming, pet portraits, and an unbelievable array of dog accessories that are available at high end boutiques.  It is not surprising that more Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild members are jumping on board.  And now, with the slower economic times, with more travelers taking driving vacations, the need for more and more pet friendly accommodations is growing.

The Old Parkdale Inn in Parkdale, Oregon, has a pet friendly room and besides an occasional scrape or complaint the type of people who bring dogs are generally pretty conscientious and bring dogs who are well behaved.

Need pet friendly lodging at an Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild member inn?  You'll find accommodating innkeepers in every region of Oregon.  Conduct a search in the region of your choice.  Then pack Bella up, don't forget her overnight bag with leash, treats, plenty of plastic bags, and hit the road.  (Tilly has a bandana for every season and I came upon K9 Just in Case Reversible Bandanas, designed with a built in pouch to carry a plastic bag - Just In Case).

Tilly hiking in the John Day Fossil Beds of Central Oregon
You can rest assured that all pet friendly OBBG member inns meet or exceed the Guild's standards and inspection criteria.  When it comes to accommodations for guest pets be sure to inquire about property policies and procedures to ensure a positive stay for all.

Begin your search today for a pet friendly Bed and Breakfast of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild.

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