Oregon Bed and Breakfast's Slow Food

It's that time of year again.  A time when the Farmer's Markets in Oregon open and the Oregon Bounty begins to flows.  Found some fresh organic strawberries at ours this week and it just gets better from here out!

What do you see in this photo?  If you answered apples, mushrooms, potatoes, bread and greens, you would be right.  I see a savory Italian Fritatta with Argula and mushrooms, herbed roasted potatoes, a rich and flavorful banana French Toast and Old Parkdale Inn’s famous Baked Fuji Apples.

Once a week we receive our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box delivered to our door by Hood River Organics.  It's like Christmas every time, not knowing what gifts we will receive.  Depends on what is being harvested on the organic family farms in the Hood River Valley and Columbia Gorge.  This is exceptional Oregon Slow Food.

Some of the innkeepers of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild belong to their local CSA and they also, along with most of our innkeepers, visit the farmers markets regularly, selecting the perfect ingredient to create a true Northwest Culinary experience for our guests. Many of us have gardens producing fresh herbs, vegies, and more.

As spring turns into summer the box gets heavier and the market stands overflow with more and more of the bounty our farms have to offer.  Won’t be long before the berries and fresh herbs start arriving.  Can’t you just taste them?

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