Three Sisters Loop of the Cascade Birding Trail and a Bend Oregon Bed and Breakfast

The Western Meadowlark, the state bird of Oregon, near lodging in OregonOn the birding trail again.  This time on the Three Sisters Loop of the Oregon Cascade Birding Trail.  This loop is a bit south of the Mt. Jefferson Loop so you could spend a few days, using an Oregon Bed and Breakfast Inn as your home base to observe the region's birds and spectacular scenery that is the Central Oregon Cascades.

At the heart of the Oregon Cascades lies the Three Sisters Wilderness, named for three 10,000-foot volcanic peaks.  The Three Sisters Loop traverses some of Oregon most stunning scenery with nearly 50 prime birding sites.  Eleven species of Woodpeckers nest the between Santiam and McKenzie Passes.  Hidden lakes and marshes are home to many species, including the yellow headed blackbird and the Western Meadowlark, Oregon's state bird.

The Blue Spruce Bed and Breakfast, in Sisters, Oregon, would be an ideal spot to start your birding adventure.  Located in Sisters, Oregon, close to shopping and dining the Blue Spruce was built expressly as a bed and breakfast in a two-story farmhouse design and has all the ambiance of Sisters and the rustic area surrounding it.   
Choose the Long Hollow Ranch for perfect dude ranch lodging in Oregon
May we also recommend Long Hollow Ranch, just minutes from downtown Sisters?  This working cattle ranch offers at home atmosphere with quiet and comfortable guest rooms.  Guests of Long Hollow Ranch can schedule a trail ride, with a horse suitable to their size and riding skills.  What better way to explore the mixed conifer forests, high desert rim rocks and diverse birding habitats?

We will continue to write blogs with insight to the many options for bird watching in Oregon.  If you want to see them all, type "birding" in the search box on the right.  The spring migration is about to begin, the festivals are being planned.  For the very best lodging in Oregon choose an Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild Inn, grab your binoculars and discover nearly 500 species of birds in spectacular landscapes ranging from sandy beaches to verdant forests, from desert playas to alpine meadows.

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