Bend, Oregon...what a nice ride!

Me and my snowmobile!Last week we spent a few days in Bend, Oregon. Last year we went snowmobiling twice and loved it so a copy of 2010's fun and exciting experiences are on tap for 2011 as well.

Ray booked us a 4 hour snowmobiling trip and taking friends from SoCal, we wanted to show them a good time in Oregon so we took the longer tour and had lunch at a lodge accessible only by snowmobile. Taking the wrong trail a few times made the trip better and following each other through the snow, through groomed roads and sneaking up on the banks along side of us was a blast! As I said last year about snowmobiling, I absolutely LOVE it! This is saying a lot especially cause I am a huge chicken but give me a snowmobile with some power, a seat warmer, handle bar heaters and make sure I can feel the gas lever at my thumb through my very warm snow gloves, and I am set to go...really fast!

I really loved going snowmobiling last year and took two-two hour rides but this 4 hour tripOn the trail! that turned into a 5-1/2 hour trip and over 55 miles was even a bigger blast! The scenery is amazing, beautiful and stunning! Yeah...all of those and when you stop to stare cause you can't believe what you are seeing, you just smile, take it all in, rev up the engine, hit the gas and scoot cause you have to see it all!

Truck with tracks!We lunched at Elk Lake Lodge accessible via snowmobile or a Suburban with tracks instead of tires. That was a sight to see as well. Sweet Potato fries an artichoke veggie wrap and a nice cold one and we were on our way once again. It only took us about an hour to get back to the Yurt to drop the snow mobiles and crawl to our car. Rivers partially covered in snow and ice, the sun and a slight spring thaw, which is unusual in winter, and the ride back was pretty sweet too.

Gear off, jackets stowed in the trunk and resting comfortably on the ride back to civilization, allAfter snow mobiling...around the pit! we could do was talk about what a great day we had. A little achy but not too sore to meet at the patio bar just outside the old classrooms of the redone Old St. Francis Catholic School compliments of the Mc Menamin brothers come hotel, restaurants, bars, cigar lounge, pool, etc. A nice roaring fire sitting near one of the huge the pits, my Hogshead Whiskey Toddy, my honey and our friends all set for the perfect evening of sharing, sipping and dining while reminiscing about our most perfect day in the Oregon back country...pretty sweet!

I'm ready to go again!

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