Coming To Oregon For The Holidays?...take the epicurean trail!

Whether you are just passing through, planning to stay or just haven't made up your mind yet, consider visiting one or more of Oregon's quaint villages, small towns or even the big city! Boasting historical districts consisting of vintage homes, downtown buildings and bed and breakfasts from Jacksonville to Albany and from McMinnville to Astoria, finding that perfect place to dine, explore and stay overnight isn't hard!

This time of year is when you find native Oregonians holding on to the edge of their seats.  I've seen and heard them for myself in all their anticipation as they ponder the snow conditions up on Mt. Hood, is there still good hiking found in the hills near Corvallis or is too wet, should we get our skiis out yet and head on over to Mt. Bachelor or Hoodoo or, should we just sit in a little coffee shop in the Pearl and think of trying a new restaurant to have dinner in tonight?

Oh...just so much to chose from!  So, where does one start?  Native or visitor to Oregon? Well, I say one must always start with the food!  I could end this blog right here and just tell you to start in Jacosonville and get on the epicurean bus and eat your way through Oregon!  However, I will suggest that you just take your sweet time and begin at the Jacksonville Inn Bistro and have the Butternut Squash Soup made of course with locally grown ingredients and topped so heavenly with creme' fraiche.  Then, work your way up to Albany and dine at Sybaris where Matt Bennet has cornered the farmer's market on all that is local and so fresh that his menu changes monthly allowing him to prepare and serve only what is in season in the Willamette Valley.  Taking that epicurean trail, you could continue on up in to McMinnville and have a burger and tots on the roof top at The Oregon Hotel and discover why the McMenaman brothers are so famous. After that pitstop, go on and check out brew pub after brew pub and learn why our beer here in Oregon is so popular all over the country. Wherever you choose to dine, taste or sip, you will learn why Oregonians just love it here.  Small town or the big city...doesn't matter...the foods always good in Oregon!

Finding that perfect inn on the trail is part of the fun too!  Some of Oregon's most famous foodies are found right in the kitchens of these Oregon Bed and Breakfasts!  There is nothing like coming in from skiing, snowshoeing, or even wine tasting and seeing the roaring fire in the fireplace and a dish of warm cookies and that special bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir waiting for you.  Choosing Oregon Wine Country or a Mt. Hood Bed and Breakfast as a place to warm up this winter sounds like a good place to stop the bus and get off!

Don't miss your bus and hope to see you on the trail as you visit Oregon this winter.  Stay warm and well fed!

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