Crater Lake Lodging, hiking, breakfast, jaw dropping beauty and cheese!

Wow...what trip!  This photo of Crater Lake has not been altered in any way, shape or form!  I took it so I know it's for real.  Can you imagine this gorgeous lake was just sitting here and it took me almost three years to see it?  That is just shameful! 

We began our short journey by staying at the Prospect Hotel on our way to Crater Lake a few days ago.  We dined, we hiked, we saw waterfalls, we drank wine and dined again at breakfast!  This historic inn is so perfectly situated for your travel to experience Southern Oregon, that it would also be a shame if you miss that too! On the way to the lake or a short drive to Medford, Prospect is linked to all the beauty and fun in Southern Oregon.  Thanks for the "special" treatment Fred and Karen and to all the staff at The Prospect Hotel...we totally enjoyed our stay!  And I promise not to tell Fred that we escaped with an extra bottle of wine!

Spending a few days enjoying the absolutely stunning Crater Lake was magnificent!  When people told us that the water is so blue, that some people think it has been dyed, it's true!  You will never see bluer water!  The deepest lake in the country and on the short list of deepest lakes in the world, Crater Lake is protected, admired and beloved to all of us that visit it.  Hiking on Wizard Island is amazing too!  A rocky and steep walk to the top of the island is totally worth the time.  I highly suggest making that trek and having your lunch at the top! 

Oh, and if you are wondering why there is photo of this egg, pancakes and sausage...well...that was the breakfast we dined on at the Prospect Hotel.  Still have fond memories of it! 

On our way back to Albany, we had to make a couple of stops to share with our friends two of the great things WE have discovered in Southern Oregon.  So, as usual, a "cheese stop" at Rogue Creamery was on the list!  Butter, Parmesan cheese, Oregonzola and oh wow...again!  Lillie Belle's Chocolates are right next door too!  A perfect stop on the way and the perfect way to end a perfect few days in Southern Oregon!

Prospect Hotel, Crater Lake, Rogue Creamery and Lilli Belle's Chocolates!  I think I'm falling for Oregon all over again!

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