Giddy About Oregon!

It's all about being on the "edge", it's all about what "you" want and it's all about "what we can do for you"!

I have never experienced so much in one week.  As an innkeeper, I get to meet new people every day.  To give you an idea of what an innkeeper's week is like, let me give you a run down.

Beginning about one week ago, we have hosted honeymooners from Portland, gave refuge to eight BOOM pirates here for the Willamette River Festival, took in Harley motorcyclists from Canada, provided a place of rest for a sweet young couple that foster parent small children from Corvallis, provided a very cozy bed for two very tired bicyclists bicycling from Seattle to Reno, gave a place to a grandmother from Brookings meeting her daughter and grandson from Seattle, introduced Marion Berry pie to hikers that had spend a day hiking near Sweet Home and that's just to name a few.

Serving frittata's with squash from our garden, fresh berries from the farmer's market, eggs from a local farm and pies from Kris, our pie baker, our guests enjoyed the taste of the Willamette Valley.  So, why are our guests "giddy about Oregon?"  Well, to start, we are giddy about Oregon.  It is hard to fathom how one place can offer so much!  There is never a dull moment here unless you want one of course.

When I was young, I remember hearing that Oregon was the place "hippies" go.  Not sure what a hippy was, I always wanted to see one.  So, when my parents brought us to Oregon to meet up with some of their old high-school buddies, well, let's just say I saw hippies in Oregon.  Now, not so many "hippies" maybe.  Just a lot of people that desire and yearn for nature, nurture, really good local food and in the know about where the best places are for a good cold beer.  So, if these people are hippies, I wanna be one!

If you have experienced what's good here in Oregon and you are giddy about it and think you wanna be a "hippy," and want to share it with us at The Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild, please do so in our "comments".  We love to hear about our guests, what and where they ate, where they toured but mostly what they love about Oregon. 


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